Remote PIH Monitoring Device with Telemedicine Platform

Jimma Institute of Technology Students, at the school of biomedical engineering, has developed a Remote Pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH) Monitoring Device with Telemedicine Platform.

JiT Graduate Students” PIH device

The fundamental purpose of the innovation is to reduce maternal mortality and premature birth death, as well as to make pregnancy and the six weeks after delivery a cheerful and enjoyable experience rather than one of anguish, illness, and death.


PIH is seven times more common in underdeveloped nations than it is in industrialized countries, according to the WHO. Pregnant women in rural and semi-urban areas do not visit health centres until they reach referral stages, and as a result, many die owing to a lack of a continuous pregnancy monitoring system.

Pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH) occurs after 20 weeks of pregnancy and complicates almost 10% of all pregnancy. It is the leading cause of maternal and prenatal morbidity and mortality.

The newly innovated device has a big role in preventing Preeclampsia (also known as Silent Killer), which is one of the consequences of the lack of hypertension disorder in pregnancy.

To diagnose hypertension disorder of pregnancy

The gadget can analyze the measured parameters and determine whether the lady is suspected of or has been diagnosed with PIH, as well as upload the data to the cloud (database) for further analysis by clinicians and remote monitoring of pregnant women.

Generally, the designed device and system by Jimma Institute of technology 20201 graduate students can measure and test the following parameters.

  • Bilirubin test from urine
  • Urine protein
  • Urine sugar
  • Body temperature
  • Pulse rate
  • Blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) and
  • Blood pressure.

It is easy to use, portable, and affordable, so that it can be used by:

  • Individuals
  • Health extension workers and
  • As a laboratory equipment

The Design Team has expressed an interest in working with senior technical consultants on further design improvements and product development to bring the innovation to the ground in order to reach unreached Ethiopian communities in low-resource settings.

Team PIH Device 2021

Team Simbona would like to congratulate the team and stand ready to assist.


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