State Ministers was visited JU- Simbona Healthcare Design Lab, located at Jimma Medical Center.  His Excellency Dr. Samuel Hurkato, Minister, Ethiopian Minister of Science and Higher Education (MOSHE) has visited JU-Simbona UV Disinfection Technology during the COVID-19 Response innovations exhibition.

On the side, His Excellency Prof. Afework Kasu, State Minister, MoSHE , His Excellency Dr. Mulu Nega, State Minister, MoSHE, His Excellency Dr. Jemal Abafita, President, Jimma University, Prof. Sultan Sulaiman, Jimma University, Dr.Mohammed Ahmed, Jimma University Institute of Health ,V/President  and other delegates from House of Parliament have visited JU-Simbona Healthcare design lab. The Lab is known for its healthcare innovation and medical machines development to solve the country’s prioritized challenges.  The JU-Simbona’s, team leader, Mr.Habtamu Abafoge has mentioned the encountered challenges that needs  country level solutions to bring the  real impact both in social and economic aspects. They promised to solve the challenges that the team is facing due to clinical trial procedures and standardization guidelines in Ethiopia.


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