Simbona Africa  Healthcare Wins $25k At African Entrepreneurship Awards:

Several award schemes and ceremonies have been instituted across the continent to help entrepreneurs get good funding to support their businesses. These schemes are beyond the various particularly funding opportunities which are available to startups on the African continent.

Habtamu Abafoge, founder of Simbona Africa Healthcare  a first kind healthcare technology design company  based at Jimma,Ethiopia , won the “long term impact” $25k Award for baby warmer design to  save innocent lives Africa and in his community,Ethiopia.  Almost around the same time ,Mr.Habtamu won 3rd place prize from Rice University Annual Students competition on Global Healthcare Technology Design Competition among 18 Universities across USA for his clever medical suction machine design.

The African Entrepreneurship Award has been instituted to help winners to start or grow their businesses to create jobs and impact Africa. The Award, powered by BMCE Bank of Africa, rewards 10 entrepreneurs with a total of $1million and partners them up with several mentors who understand their businesses and are expected to be a great resource to the business and its entrepreneurs. As the organisers clearly put it…

The African Entrepreneurship Award will help you start or grow your business to create jobs and impact Africa. Every entrepreneur needs more than money. You need mentors to come alongside you, advise you, ask hard questions, encourage you, comfort you, and help you persevere.


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